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welcomeabout skyria

skyria Name: Daria
Nicknames: skyria, windaria, Toru-chan
Birthday: November 6th, 1984
Height: Height: 1.68 m
Zodical Sign: Scorpion
Chinese Zodical Sign: Mouse
Nationality: Italian
Blood Type: 0-
I live in: Rome, Italy
Favourite colors: Blue, white, orange, green, red, violet.
I love: My only love Rik ♥, reading manga, watching fansubs, listening to japanese music, wind, magic, making up stories, hanging out with my friends and chatting with my online friends, kittens ♥, creating fanlistings, slacking off, cuddling, singing, fansub, watching tv (not always), Bruce Willis ♥ , secret passages, mazes.
I hate: Distasteful pranks (I have bad memories), my laziness, not being listened to, not being considered, people who always want to be right, choers, studying, time (is never enough).