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Since it's been a short time I've bought this domain, I know nothing about hosting other people. If you want to have your fanlist or collective hosted, you can try contacting me .
Here's my standards for hosting.


    • # Fanlistings
    • # Shrines/Fansites
I don't host fanlistings that haven't been approved by either or


  • As much space as you need, reasonably
  • and subdomains
  • Private, protected FTP access
  • 1 mySQL database
  • a email address, if you want


  • 1. When asking for hosting, you must provide an online, working example of your work.
  • 2. No stolen content.
  • 3. You must keep your site updated, I won't host dead sites.
  • 4. You must know (or be willing to learn) how to use your FTP client.
  • 5. If I decide to host you, link back to on your site.
  • 6. No videos or AMVs will be hosted.
  • 7. If you want to upload MP3s or music files, you can, as long as you possess the original CD in which the songs are (of course, I have original CDs for each of the songs I have on my site). I'd also prefer if you used scripts such as the radio blog which let people hear to the song without actually downloading them.