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On May 20th 2005 I opened my first blog. I've never been good at writing about me, but a friend of mine convinced me in opening it, as she already had one. The turning point came when I realized I could customize the layout and the graphics of my blog. Thanks to this, I started reading tutorials about HTML and how to draw graphics on the net. At first I started hosting my works on free hosts, but then I realized that in order to have full control over my creations I would have needed a paid webspace. Around February 2006 I rented some webspace from a friend. My domain could be none other than "skyria", since it's the nick I currently use on graphic sites and blogs. In May, on the same year, my friend decided to give my site its own domain, buying The year after I entered the world of fanlistings. At first I just joined, but then I started making mine and now I own 60 of them.
In early 2008 I had problems with my webspace, and since I couldn't reach my friend I realized I needed my own webspace so that I could manage it as I wanted. On May 17, 2008, was born thanks for help from Saya, who just a few days earlier moved on another host: webhostingbuzz.
My domain name is inspired from the second ending song of the anime Eyeshield 21, I chose it out of some I decided since it was the one that inspired me the most out of few available.


August 25, 2010
I moved all my fanlists on after 2 whole years. My next project is a general revamp and some adoptions.

July 17, 2008
Finally I have and I'm starting to move all my fanlists on

May 15, 2008
My current project is to move everything on and leave idle. Next year, before my domain expires, I'm planning to move it on this host so that I could manage it by myself and breathe some new life into it once more. I already paid the domain for this year, though, and I'm not willing to spend more money on it until next year. Besides and I'm planning to buy more domains, I have a few ideas but nothing concrete at the moment.